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Inno Setup Toolbar 1.0

Yet another application. This time, it's a Visual Basic IDE Add-in.

Its purpose is to connect to the freeware program called 'Inno Setup', an installation builder for application deployment. Your looking at the screenshot for version 1.0, that took about a day to design and implement - I was a bit surprised at how fast it went together. The main add-in consists of the three buttons viewed above, on a floating toolbar. The toolbar can be docked anywhere in the interface, and remain in its place even after you exit the program and restart it.

The three buttons work as follows:

Script Editor
Creates a default script with the project name plus .ISS, the default script extension, in your project directory. (IE: Project1.iss) It also adds the basic requirements to compile the setup script. After creating the script, the Inno Setup Editor is launched, allowing you to edit and maintain the script.

Compile Script
Starts the Inno Setup Compiler to run the script in the project directory. So basically, once your done writing the script in the script editor, you can - at any time - hit the 'Compile Script' button to repackage your application and prepare it for distribution and deployement. Obviously, this is the useful part.

Configure Toolbar
Brings up the lower window featured in the screenshot, so you can configure the program settings. All settings are stored in the registry, so it will always remember them. Normally, the toolbar will automatically locate the installation directory for Inno, but if for some reason it cannot or is finding the wrong version, you can force it to a different path from here.

Pretty swanky, huh.

Source Code for Toolbar Add-In:

Quick and Easy Installer for Toolbar Add-In:

Inno Setup Homepage:

Enjoy, and make sure to send any suggestions along to me.
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