blacqua (bellaqua) wrote in visualbasic,

help with programming Outlook

My question is really an outlook one, which uses VBScript - and I've looked on MSN, and in books, but there's woefully little knowledge around outlook that i can get my hands on..!

I know this isn't strictly VB - but outlook uses VBScript & I'm finding it hard to get help elsewhere. if anyone can help I'll be soooo grateful...

Basically What I want to do is this:

I work in an office which has about 10 users on our server. I want to create a calendar folder in outlook, in the public folders list, called staff calendar, and write macro or a bit of code so that every time a member of staff puts an 'away from the office' meeting in their own calendar, it 'invites' the staff calendar.

If you have any other (simpler?) suggestion for how to create a calendar showing where users are when out of the office in an amalgamated way I'd be very happy to hear it!

I'm inexperienced with VB but know enough to paste code in to the right place..

If this is not your area of expertise/too much work please feel free to ignore this request - I'm asking entirely on the offchance.

Many thanks

Bella x
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